Paint & Graffiti Removal Glasgow

When it comes to the removal of paint and graffiti, both Dry and Wet ice blasting offer effective solutions. However, Wet ice blasting, with its slightly enhanced aggressiveness, is particularly well-suited for tackling these challenges.

The versatility of Wet ice blasting extends to the removal of intumescent paint. This technique allows for the elimination or spot repair of intumescent paint without the need for abrasive methods like sandblasting. This not only reduces messiness but also finds its niche in environments where dust can pose problems, such as basements and plant rooms.

The beauty of ice blasting lies in its chemical-free nature. Additionally, when employing Wet ice, only minimal water is generated, making it a safer alternative for graffiti removal in public spaces. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional methods and embrace the efficient and environmentally friendly approach of ice blasting for your paint and graffiti removal needs.

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