Industrial Machine Cleaning Glasgow

Industrial machinery is susceptible to failure due to the accumulation of dirt, tar, and grease, which can obstruct crucial components like gears, filters, and screens. These contaminants not only impede proper functioning but also obscure the root causes of malfunctions. Our cutting-edge solution involves ice blasting, an efficient method that swiftly eliminates these contaminants, unveiling underlying issues such as leaking seals or valves. By opting for ice blasting, you can minimise equipment downtime and resume production promptly, without the need to wait for the machinery to dry. Our dry ice blasting method is both residue-free and non-conductive, guaranteeing a seamless cleaning process. It finds versatile applications in electrical equipment cleaning, printing machinery, carbon removal, wood processing, and oil industry machine maintenance.

A standout feature of ice blasting is its capacity to clean machinery without necessitating shutdowns. This revolutionary approach allows for cleaning while the machinery remains operational, significantly reducing downtime.

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Machine Cleaning Benefits

  • Safe for use on all electrical components.
  • Used where normal cleaning methods are unacceptable.
  • Does not require machine shut-down.
  • No damage to switches, control panels or sensors.
  • Removal of spillages.


When it comes to cleaning electrical equipment, such as motors and control panels, opting for dry ice cleaning presents an ideal solution. Unlike methods involving chemicals or liquids, dry ice cleaning ensures the safety of delicate electrical components. This process guarantees the preservation of switches, sensors, cabling, and housings, all without causing any damage.

An advantage of dry ice cleaning is its compatibility with live equipment. This means you can confidently apply this technique to machinery that is still operational, without any risk. 

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Industrial Cleaning

Carbon Removal

The efficiency and productivity of industrial machinery can be severely hampered by the accumulation of carbon deposits, resulting in increased maintenance expenses and decreased output.

Ice blasting is gentle on machinery components, ensuring their integrity while effectively eliminating carbon deposits.  Furthermore, ice blasting aligns with environmental considerations by generating no secondary waste and the need for harmful chemicals.

One of the most remarkable benefits of ice blasting for carbon removal is its efficiency in minimising downtime. Unlike traditional methods that involve time-consuming machinery dismantling, ice blasting is conducted on-site, ensuring swift restoration of operations.

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Carbon Removal