Construction & Building Industry

In the realm of construction and building, ice blasting stands as a transformative cleaning solution for stone, steel, and wood materials.

Addressing a spectrum of challenges, ice blasting is versatile. It can effectively eliminate soot and damage arising from fire and smoke incidents. Furthermore, the technique excels in removing intumescent paint from steel structures within plant rooms or car parks, offering a comprehensive solution.

Ice blasting emerges as a game-changer in the removal of paint and graffiti, both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s revitalising building exteriors or refreshing interiors, this technique shines.

Consider log cabins with oak beams—ice blasting can restore these structures by removing staining and mould growth, ensuring pristine wood surfaces. Likewise, in swimming pool construction using oroko wood, ice blasting becomes an essential tool in tackling staining caused by chlorine and pool chemicals.

Revamp your construction and building projects with the innovation of ice blasting. From enhancing safety to preserving aesthetics, this technique offers an overall solution to diverse cleaning challenges.

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