Dry & Wet Ice Blasting – can help solve your cleaning problems – no requirement for equipment shutdown – can be used on a wide range of materials, metals, wood, rubber, plastics etc.

Wet ice blasting only uses about 10% water – as ice – than traditional high pressure jetting. The way that the cleaning takes place means that there is very little water left over from the process.

wet blasting
wet blasting

Dry ice – solid CO2 pellets – turns back in to a gas when striking the surface being cleaned leaving it completely dry and can be safely used on electrical components, control panels, motors, switches etc.

About EW Ice Blasting based in Glasgow

Welcome to EW Ice Blasting, part of Elmer Wallace Ltd supplying specialised welding, pickling & cleaning consumables to the metal fabrication industry for over 50 years. In that time we have established a reputation for being a top quality supplier, providing only first class products from leading European & Worldwide manufacturers. A number of years ago we began offering clients an alternative method of cleaning by the introduction of a Dry Ice Blasting & Cleaning division providing a new, Environmentally Friendly approach to cleaning and maintenance without the use of chemicals. We now have an exciting new process which can blast with “normal wet ice” as well as “dry ice”. Using wet ice can mean a substantial saving in the cleaning costs as well as being more readily available.

A knowledgeable and friendly approach

At EW Ice Blasting, our team of knowledgeable and approachable experts boasts a deep understanding of applications suitable for both dry and wet ice blasting. We’re delighted to offer on-site equipment demonstrations, ensuring you’re comfortable with the process. Whether you require short-term or long-term equipment rental, including compressors if needed, we’ve got you covered

Dry & Wet Ice Blasting are environmentally responsible cleaning techniques that break away from conventional materials like sand, shot, or chemicals. These advanced cleaning processes exhibit remarkable efficacy in removing contaminants like dirt, grease, asphalt, and tar, all while treating surfaces with the utmost care, preventing any damage.

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Advantages of Dry & Wet Ice Blasting

A Clean Process with Dry Ice: Dry ice blasting introduces a revolutionary dry cleaning method using dry ice pellets, composed of CO2, which instantly evaporate upon contact with surfaces during cleaning process.

Reduced Waste Disposal: Wet ice blasting proves its worth by minimising airborne contaminants. It’s a practical solution for spaces where CO2 blasting could pose a challenge.

Eco-Friendly Approach: The environmentally conscious aspect of ice blasting, is entirely devoid of hazardous chemicals. Not only does this promote a healthier environment, but it also translates to cost savings.

Enhanced Production Efficiency: Ice blasting enables cleaning of production equipment while in operation, effectively reducing the instances of costly production downtime.

Gentle Yet Effective: The non-abrasive quality of both dry and wet ice blasting is a standout feature. Avoiding the wear and tear associated with traditional cleaning methods ensures the longevity of your equipment.