Marine Industry

In the maritime sector, Dry and Wet ice blasting offer exceptional effectiveness in addressing various challenges. These techniques stand as powerful tools for the removal of anti-foul coatings from marine craft hulls. Wet ice blasting, with its underwater applicability, is particularly well-suited for tackling barnacle removal and marine growth from oil rig legs. It also shines in cleaning filters on ship hulls, steering gear, and other critical areas.

This adaptable system extends its benefits to engine cleaning, electrical motor maintenance, and walkway upkeep. It excels in tasks like valve cleaning, as well as the removal of carbon deposits and paint from superstructures and equipment.

Elevate your marine operations with the versatility of ice blasting techniques. From hull maintenance to equipment cleaning, these methods present efficient, eco-friendly solutions that promote operational excellence in the marine industry.

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Marine Antifoul Removal Benefits

  • No Damage To Gel Coat
  • Does Not Promote Osmosis
  • Minimum Mess – No Sand Or Shot To Clean Up
  • Safe To Use On Engines, Rudders and Steering Gear
Marine Antifoul Removal
Marine Antifoul Removal