Dry ice blasting uses for the pharmaceutical industry

Before the introduction of Dry Ice Cleaning
Previously cleaning in the pharmaceutical was done manually and the
process often took 3-4 hours. Water and chemicals were not an option
in this sphere, so the residues had to be scraped off which caused wear
and tear as well as damage to the equipment. In addition, scraping causes
craters in the surface resulting in adherence of dirt. Todays medical
device manufacturers are well-familiar with micromoulding of precision
(high-tolerance) parts - and all the problems associated with it.
From the production of catheter tips to surgical device handles to surgical
stents, clean manufacturing equipment is paramount. Keeping micro-
cavities in production moulds clean (as well as cleaning the small, deep,
complex geometry of micro tools) is a critical concern when manufacturing
very high tolerance medical device parts. In addition, cleaning the clamping
devices (used during the fabrication process) and removing parting line
flash (deflashing) or material burrs (deburring) from final products are
equally significant manufacturing issues. Precision dry ice blast cleaning is
the perfect way to improve your medical device manufacturing processes.
Equipment MaintenanceEquipment Maintenance
Here are some examples where IceTech Ice Blasting successful have been used. Compressors & generators Conveyors Filters and Screens General equipment & facility Hoppers Labelers & gluers Mixing & extrusion equipment Packaging equipment
Pharmaceutical - Equipment Maintenance
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