Dry ice blasting uses for the construction industry

The faster and more effective you can be on the job,
the more profits youll make. Dry Ice Blasting allows safe,
effective and fast restoration of historical items, allowing
you to save time, labour, clean-up and disposal costs.
Dry Ice Blasting is the best cleaning method for restoration
projects due to the need for a non-abrasive and chemical-free
process in most restoration work. Often, layers of paint and
years of aging will hide the original detail on the structure.

The only way to uncover this intricate detail work is with
Dry Ice Blasting, no other cleaning method is able to achieve
that level of clean without damaging the underlying material.
The architects that specify restoration work will often not allow
chemicals or abrasive cleaning methods not be used.
Chemicals can leach into stone, such as marble, and abrasive cleaning methods will scratch and scar the surface being cleaned.

Dry Ice Blasting is a dry process with no water waste, no
chemical concern and no secondary waste is generated.
Dry Ice Blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning
method and is produced by capturing gaseous by-product
generated by the chemical industry. CO2 (dry ice) is a naturally
occurring element of the earth and comprises less than 0.1%
of our atmosphere. CO2 is used by plants and plants through photosynthesis process transform CO2 to oxygen. Therefore,
Dry Ice Blasting has numerous benefits over other building cleaning methods.
Building RestorationBuilding Restoration
Here are some examples where IceTech Ice Blasting successful have been used. Fire, Smoke Damage Lead paint abatement Mould Remediation Odour Elimination Water Damage
Paint RemovalPaint Removal
Stone Restoration and Timber CleaningStone Restoration and Timber Cleaning
Here are some examples where IceTech Ice Blasting successful have been used. Corrosion, Removing dirt & grease
Construction - Building Restoration/Fire Damage
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Construction - Paint Removal
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Construction - Stone & Timber Cleaning
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