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Dry & Wet Ice Blasting are methods of cleaning which do not use traditional materials such as sand, shot or chemicals to remove contaminants from surfaces. Cleaning processes that although are aggressive enough to remove dirt, grease, asphalt, tar etc will not damage the surface being cleaned.

Wet ice blasting only uses about 10% water - as ice - than traditional high pressure jetting. The way that the cleaning takes place means that there is very little water left over from the process.

Dry ice - solid CO2 pellets - turns back in to a gas when striking the surface being cleaned leaving it completely dry and can be safely used on electrical components, control panels, motors, switches etc.

Elmer Wallace Ltd are proud to be U.K. agents for Coulson Ice Blast - a Canadian company who specialise in the manufacture of high pressure, wet ice cleaning machines.

Information on the processes can be found in the link below:-

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